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With the lifestyle of people changing, most of the people are facing some or the other problem like pain in neck / back due to excess of mobile usage, backache, etc. All these are just lifestyle disorders.

With rising life expectancy, increasingly sedentary lifestyles and surge in incidence of obesity, India is also witnessing a resultant rise in orthopedic problems as a natural corollary.

Despite joint pain being highly debilitating, a large number of people continue to live with it and fail to seek timely medical help.

Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyles are making our bones softer and more prone to deformities causing awkward loading of joints. Our Indian lifestyle, especially ground sitting habits, and use of Indian toilet further exacerbate any existing knee pain. As of today there is no reliable way to regenerate the lining cartilage of the knee. Therefore, prevention strategies have to adequately underlined while also raising awareness about the availability of joint replacement as a viable option.

People with joint pain need to follow a strict daily routine to keep their condition under control and minimize pain and discomfort. This routine includes a religious devotion to daily exercise, use of physiotherapy and heat therapy to keep the joints mobile and check inflammation

Things you should do to avoid lifestyle disorders -

1) Maintain a healthy weight

2) Spend less time on electronic gadgets

3) Regular Exercise

4) Maintain a healthy diet

5) Quit smoking

6) Manage stress

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